About Chīsai Sushi Club

Bringing together quality sushi, years of experience, and a reverence for San Francisco’s colorful history,  Chīsai Sushi Club fulfills a dream. 

Our Concept for Chīsai

Chīsai in Japanese means “small.”  Visit the restaurant and you will see why—it’s intimate with only 8 seats at the bar and 12 seats at tables. The chefs can have a convo with anyone in the restaurant from behind the sushi bar. When you’re here we want you to really feel like you’re part of the club—and you may find old friends, as many guests are local previous Ichi Sushi diners and some of the chefs and servers may look familiar too!

We pride ourselves in serving sustainable products–fish, veg and the like. We support local businesses–fishmongers, farmers, boutique kitchens–and try our best to be good citizens of the earth while providing fresh, tasty meals. We admit we do get products from Japan–we are a Japanese restaurant after all! 

About Erik Aplin, Chef-owner

Chef and owner Erik Aplin opened Chīsai Sushi Club in September 2021, reviving the 500-square-foot restaurant from former Ichi Sushi. Erik gained experience, knowlege, and work ethics from all his past jobs from Hapa Sushi in Colorado, Chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s Matsuhisa Vail, Masaharu Morimoto’s Morimoto Napa, and San Francisco restaurants Ichi Sushi, Akiko’s and Robin.

Erik feels that everyone working at Chisai contributes to the success of the restaurant and, even though it’s his creation, his co-workers make it happen. They are the backbone of the Club.

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